Learn To Play Piano

kids piano lessons

Learning to play piano can be quite rewarding. Playing piano for a group of friends or in a recital environment can bring a real sense of satisfaction. The reasons for learning to play piano vary as much as the students Stephen teaches. Many parents want their children to learn music to establish discipline and to assist with learning. Learning to play piano has been linked to better grades and more academic success.

Learning To Play Can Be Frustrating

While learning to play piano has its rewards, it can also be very frustrating. Without proper instructions, many will give up on piano because of not seeing the results they want quickly enough. Further, learning to play piano without taking lessons from a qualified piano instructor could lead to the development of bad habits that make learning to play even more difficult.

Getting Started With Piano

piano-instructor-hands-sizedThe first step to learning to play piano and to reading music is to employ a qualified piano teacher that has experience and a proven record of successfully teaching students of all ages. Being a piano teacher requires experience, patience and an understanding that not all students learn the same way, or at the same rate.

Stephen Pearce has a demonstrated ability of teaching children and adults in all styles of playing piano. Check out some of his testimonials here. His successful 40+ years of experience teaching provides a solid framework for students to see quick progress. Stephen keeps his piano lessons fun and easy to understand while still being challenging enough to progress.

Take A Free Piano Lesson

The best way to know if you or your child is a good fit for piano lessons is to schedule a free piano lesson with Stephen. Stephen travels to student’s homes to provide lessons and also has a teaching studio in his home in Tempe, Az. but appointments are limited as he takes the time necessary for each of his students to be successful. Call Stephen now to learn more.